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SDSJ3 EP10: Made in Spain

Every interview I do lately I’m always asked two very boring generic questions and all it shows me is how un prepared […]

Biggie Smalls – Collingwood (Melbourne)

Are you ‘old skool’ or ‘new school’? That’s what you’ll need to decide when you enter Shane Delia’s newest dining […]

Melbourne’s Biggie Smalls-Themed Kebab Joint Is Finally Open

Now Collingwood’s most notorious eatery. Shane Delia’s newest venture is going to delight the ever living crap out of fans […]

Biggie Smalls Opens in Collingwood

Shane Delia’s new diner is now banging out tunes and rolling kebabs on Smith Street. Smith Street is flush with […]

Biggie Smalls

Star chef Shane Delia has been a fan of hip-hop since the early ’90s, when the only way to source […]

Episode 9: The city that changed the world

By the time I had reached Cordoba I thought I had experienced all Andalusia had to offer and I was head over […]

Just Open: Biggie Smalls, Collingwood

Do you like your kebabs old-school (roasted garlic yoghurt) or new-school (Kewpie mayo)? That’s one of the tough decisions you’ll […]

Shane Delia tells us his favourite rap tracks ahead of Biggie Smalls’ opening in December

What does a chef like to listen to on his downtime? Shane Delia, head chef and owner of Maha, is […]

SDSJ3 EP8: Home of tapas

Ahhh jamon, what else can I say apart from I love you. There is something magical about this king of piggy […]