Biggie Smalls – Collingwood (Melbourne)

Are you ‘old skool’ or ‘new school’? That’s what you’ll need to decide when you enter Shane Delia’s newest dining concept, Biggie Smalls, which launched in Collingwood late last week.

Staying true to Shane’s Middle Eastern trademark, Biggie Smalls is a ‘Kbab Joint’ that taps into the global hip-hop subculture movement. The 40-seater restaurant which has been 2 years in the making was inspired by the Notorious B.I.G, whose portraits hang against the pale yellow and grey tiles on the walls. The décor is akin to a classic New York diner. In fact, authenticity and ‘keeping it real’ is what Biggie Smalls has been founded on.


Here, you will find quality takeaway options that are perfect for the time-poor workforce of Melbourne’s inner-urban suburbs. Think innovative food that has soul, staying true to Shane’s reputation and hard-working, entrepreneurial attitude. “We want Biggie to be a place where there is good food and good times,” says Shane, and good food is ‘mos def’ what you’ll get.

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Although the kebabs are smaller in size, the ingredients taste overwhelmingly fresh and each variety packs a punch with lashings of Biggie Hot Sauce. Traditionalists will likely opt for roast garlic and yoghurt accompaniments, though the more adventurous might choose to have their kebab with a good dose of Kewpie mayo. The combinations are creative, including the Dirty South [$11.00] with fried chicken, pumpkin pie hummus, herbs, pickles and onions. If you’re in the mood, get ready to be blown away by the Juicy [$11.00] with beef kefta, onion & cumin hummus, herbs, pickles and onion. Meanwhile, vegetarians will love the C.Wallace [$9.50], a delicious fusion of flaxseed falafel, herbs, pickles, onion and smoked hummus. Whatever you choose to go for from the list of seven, be sure to order a side of hot crinkles [$5.50], which come coated in spiced butter and preserved lemon.


To drink, there are beers in tinnies and rotating ‘Gin & Juice’ [$10.00] combos throughout the summer, with refreshing flavours such as watermelon and mint.

Rounding out the accessibility of this fun and urban brand, Biggie Smalls is also launching an ordering phone app with an in-built loyalty program, where customers will be privy to promo codes and special offers. So if you haven’t yet tried it, then before you become ‘Public Enemy #1’, be sure to head down to Biggie Smalls for fun food, rhymes and good times.

Words by The AU Review
Picture by Serena Ho
Originally posted on The AU Review 13 December 2015