Shane Delia’s Spice Journey

Shane Delia’s Spice Journey is brainchild of Essential Media & Entertainment, SBS and Shane Delia. Spice Journey has aired in 135 countries across 5 continents and continues to be an Australian and International success.

Series One

Shane Delia’s Spice Journey takes us on a culinary pilgrimage to explore his heritage and discover food traditions that go back thousands of years.

From the old Phoenician outpost of Malta, where the aromatics and spices of the Middle East mingle with the European traditions of the Mediterranean, Shane heads across the sea to Lebanon, the original Land of Milk and Honey and the birthplace of contemporary Middle Eastern mezze. And finally Shane follows the time-worn caravan trails of the spice route to ancient Persia, aka Iran, home to saffron, pomegranate and rose water.

Inspired by medieval Arab and Persian recipes passed down through generations, as well as simple rural and regional dishes, Shane then heads back to his Melbourne kitchen to put his take on some of the world’s most ancient and influential culinary traditions.

Series Two – Shane Delia’s Spice Journey Turkey

Series Two of Shane Delia’s Spice Journey, takes him to exotic Turkey. It’s here he searches for the historical and cultural foundations of his contemporary take on Middle Eastern flavours and to experience the legacy of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

In a sense, Shane takes a trip back to the dawn of food culture. It was in Anatolia ten thousand years ago that humankind built the first permanent towns, worked out how to domesticate wheat and animals, and constructed the first religious complexes.

This series is a celebration of Shane’s love for the cultures that make up the Middle East and all the blessings the region has brought him: life, love, and food.

Series Three – Shane Delia’s Moorish Spice Journey

This series sees Shane traveling through Morocco and Andalucía, seeking out the best and tastiest meals whether it’s a restaurant, a back alley street stand or a family kitchen. The Moorish occupation of Spain lasted for close to 800 years, leaving behind an extraordinarily rich and complex cuisine, the likes of which had never before been seen in Europe. It was here that the ancient spice routes of Asia, collided with discoveries brought back from the New World, resulting in the birth of modern cuisine.

Back in his Melbourne test kitchen we witness Shane in his element, designing new dishes inspired by his journey to serve in his restaurant. But the final verdict will come from his customers – how will they rate Shane’s creations? This bold new series give audiences a bird’s eye view into the inner-workings of a master chef