SDSJ3 Ep1: Lost in Fes

Being back in the middle of Fes was awesome! Maha and I first came to Morocco nearly 10 years ago on our honeymoon and nothing has changed. This place is like taking a step back in time.  

It’s Moorish medieval madness with WiFi! Donkeys carrying hides to the tannery, street vendors selling tea, hand beaten copper pots and little nooks and corner stores supplying the busy medina with everything it needs. 

There’s an electricity that overwhelms you as soon as you take a step out on the street from the sanctuary of your thousand year old hotel. The thing I love most about Fes is that there’s untold beauty to be found, you just have to search it out. It’s not like the big cities of Europe where awe inspiring architecture and grandeur stop you in your tracks. The medina of Fes is a little more romantic, you have to work a little for it. When you find it, her beauty and mystique will have you trapped.

– Shane Delia