SDSJ3 EP10: Made in Spain

Every interview I do lately I’m always asked two very boring generic questions and all it shows me is how un prepared the journo is. The first is always, “Shane, what or who inspired you to cook?” and the second is “who would you say is your food hero?”.

Boring. I just look at them with a dumb look on my face as if to say, that the best you could come up with?

To be honest I’ve never really looked up to anyone in the food industry. There are some amazing chefs, far better than I. I never claim to be a great cook and I’m always surprised when something I’m attempting to cook turns out bloody tasty. It puts a huge smile on my face and feels great.

I tend to look up to people who actually mean something to me. People who I know more personally, people who have had there public facade removed and I get a chance to see how they really think and feel. Maybe this is why I don’t really have a lot of close fiends in the cooking scene. It’s it dog eat dog and everyone is fighting for the same crumb. I prefer to keep my circle small, spend time with people I want to see and with people who love me. Don’t get me wrong I have some life long friends I consider family that I have met through cooking, but I’m not the A lister chef that everyone wants to be and the media drool over. I’m just a cook who loves the opportunities he has been given and the cuisine and culture I represent.

Maybe this is why I had such a instantaneous love and connection for two of the most beautiful and talented chefs I have ever met. Charo Camona of Arte De Cozina in Antequera and Dani Carnero from La Cosmopolita in Malaga have figured out what life is all about and cook the most breathtaking, life changing, soul for filling food I have ever tasted.

They opened up there kitchens and heart to me, showed me what life could be and inspired me to be a better chef. If I could achieve half of what these two have achieved I would be very content with my life.

Dani and Charo, thank you so much for what you have given me. The food you cook is more then just a meal. It is a service to your country and you customers are some of the luckiest people in the world.

I promise I will be coming back to Spain just to eat in your restaurants. This time I wont have to leave and there will be no cameras. Just me and my family and empty stomach, stretchy pants and nothing but time to savour every mouth full.

– Shane Delia