SDSJ3 EP3: Mountains of food

One of the things I really loved about Morocco was how you could be in the desert and in the distance you could see the snow capped Atlas Mountains. It was something that always made me take a second and just thinking about where I was and what an unbelievable life experience I’d been given.

I remember waking up early one morning, we were going to climb into the mountains that day. We stayed in a lovely little hotel in the middle of a palmery and my room had a small terrace. I got stuck into my morning work out routine and when I took a minute to rest, through a gap in the palm trees I could see the Atlas Mountains in the distance, covered in snow.

Morocco has an immense amount of natural beauty, it’s a rich and amazing part of the world. Life moves slower out there. It’s not as frantic as the medina of Fes or Marrakesh. People seem to just live life and enjoy the simple things for what they are. Coming from a busy western world where it’s dog eat dog and life moves quicker then I can keep up, this was a really nice change of speed.
My friends all know that I’m not the most outdoorsy bloke going around. No valet, no room service and no running water normally means NO WAY. But, for this experience I was willing to push the boundaries… a little.

Sleeping under the stars of the Sahara, camel rides over wind swept dunes, camping in a 5 star Bedouin tent camp, lamb tagine cooked over coal and bread cooked in the hot sand from under the camp fire and traditional music from our amazing hosts. All sounds to good to refuse right?

Let me just fill you in on a little of what really happened. It was a great experience and something I will never forget, but not entirely how I though it’d play out.

So, that beautiful lamb tagine that you saw us cooking took about 4 hours to cook. When it was ‘ready’, it wasn’t actually cooked. I think it was a mix of a huge piece of lamb, a small tagine and the gusty winds of the Sahara desert that meant we went to bed with a dinner of Mars Bars, some weird tasting BBQ potato chips and an apple. Not really the romantic Moroccan feast I was dreaming about.

The people we met were all so beautiful. They gave us their time, love and invited us into their homes. For that I’m eternally grateful (Maybe next time I’ll pack a few protein bars in my back pack).

– Shane Delia