SDSJ3 EP5: African coast

I have always had an amazing experience when I travel to a new city and I know someone who can show me around. Then I can get a real local insight to the city and feel what the city is about and who the people are that make it up.

So it was good to be in Casablanca with my good friend Sophia Palmer. Sophia invited me into her family home and showed me what life is like in this exciting part of the world.

Sophia’s family where so lovely, they invited us to a Sunday family gathering, to be honest it reminded me of my childhood. A big family with lots of loud crazy women all talking over each other to get there two cents in. Live music, copious amounts of food, people everywhere and more people stopping by unannounced every minute.It’s an experience that most people would be shocked by but for me it was welcoming and strangely comforting.

The coastline of Morocco is a real adventure. Essaouira is absolutely beautiful, great food, loads to see and do and some of the best seafood I have ever eaten. As I traveled down to Casablanca, Morocco really opened up to me and I got to see how modern day Morocco gets down. Glitz and glam, high end restaurants, nightclubs and the latest in international couture. Casablanca is alive and pumping. Not the prettiest city but what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in personality.

I remember coming here with Maha in 2007 and not really falling in love with this part of Morocco, but now I have been shown the real Casa by someone who knows what it’s all about, I’ll definitely be back.

– Shane Delia