SDSJ3 EP7: Spanish Coast

For awhile now, Spain has been a must do for young aspiring chefs to tick on there list of countries to work in before they can consider themselves a well rounded cook. There is such a strong food culture here that is defined hugely by each regions surroundings.

Through the coast and what is known as the ‘sherry triangle’, the big influencers that I encountered are the abundant and exciting diversity of sea life and the complex world of sherry.

Meeting chefs like Angel Leon opened my eyes to what food could be, not just what food is. Angel and chefs like him cook with the passion Spain is revered for. No limits, no boundaries and no hesitation to delve forward with unbridled passion and enthusiasm just because they believe they can.

This love for the food that is produced in this part of Spain was humbling. From the early morning fishermen who risk jail to fish the best possible waters for there camarones, to the chefs of El Faro who’s love for traditional Andalusian food drives them to cook the dishes there restaurant has been built on to perfection.

Everyone I met has left a permanent impression on me and in turn, has made me a better cook.

– Shane Delia