Episode 9: The city that changed the world

By the time I had reached Cordoba I thought I had experienced all Andalusia had to offer and I was head over heels in love with everything I had seen thus far.

The people, the sherry, food, wine, music and landscape had swallowed me whole and changed me for the better. Little did I know what was waiting for me in Cordoba this little village was one of the most picturesque places I visited in Spain. A small village surrounded by a fortified wall and no cars. It kind of reminded me of the city of Medina in Malta, gave me a little tingle when I first walked in the front gate. Every year there’s a courtyard garden festival where all the terraces are dressed with stunning garden’s in full bloom. People come from all around to visit and take in the beauty of spring.

After Cordoba, we moved to our next shoot location and I was told we were shooting a classic dish from this region and the bloke I was learning it from had one the best versions. So I’m thinking yep, this is going to be good! I was hungry as hell and the smells coming out of that kitchen were AMAZING!

The dish we were shooting was rabo de toro or the fighting bulls tail stew. Let me tell you I have eaten so many killer tangines, stews and braises all through the Middle East but this dish was an absolute knock out! No wonder why this guy has been winning awards, he’s a bloody good cook.

After Josh our producer, was satisfied that we had enough footage in the can, it was tools down and time to eat. I’d eaten a whole bowl of this dish and was starting to get full, but I couldn’t stop eating. Everything the chef brought out was first class.

– Shane Delia