Melbourne’s Biggie Smalls-Themed Kebab Joint Is Finally Open

Now Collingwood’s most notorious eatery.

Shane Delia’s newest venture is going to delight the ever living crap out of fans of old school hip hop. Aptly named Biggie Smalls, the joint blends ’90s hip hop with a classic New York diner setting and is built around an ethos of authenticity.

You might remember Delia from his recent SBS series Shane Delia’s Spice Journey or one of his top drawer, fine dining venues, which makes his urban diner eatery in Collingwood seem like an odd choice. Being a massive Notorious B.I.G. fan as a kid, he’s finally realised a lifelong love of hip hop and food in one establishment.

That’s not to say it’ll be like any old kebab joint. We can’t forget that Maha, Delia’s most well-known enterprise, has received a chef’s hat for the last six years, so Biggie Smalls is definitely in capable hands. Delia says the restaurant will be a ‘KBab joint’ and the offerings will be simple, non-traditional but will stay loyal to his Middle Eastern heritage.

Delia’s years of expertise really shine through in the menu, which features kebabs as mains with a basic list of sides, desserts and drinks to accompany. You can take your pick of some of the tastiest kebab options we’ve ever heard: there’s the C. Wallace (flaxseed falafel, herbs, pickles, onions and smoked hummus). Yep, enjoy obliterating one of those. Then there’s the West Coast (fried shrimps, harissa and almond mayo, herbs and pickled onion), the East Coast (maple glazed pork belly, crackling, (peanut butter hummus, herbs and pickles) and the Dirty South (fried chicken, pumpkin pie hummus, herbs, pickles and onion) to name a few. Did we mention there’s a peanut butter caramel injected pretzel for dessert? Because there is. That’s a real thing. That you can soon eat.

Oh and the official venue hashtag? #readytodine. Classic.

Words by Imogen Baker
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Originally posted on Concrete Playground 30 October 2015