My Shameless Delight

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but to be honest unless it’s a Saturday morning when I cook breakfast with my kids, I usually don’t put much thought into what I eat for brekkie.

With busy lifestyles, rushed mornings and limited time to relax because all you can think about is getting into the car to fight the traffic on the crusade to work, who has time to actually sit down to prepare a decent breakfast?

I need to be firing on all cylinders as soon as I get up. Quickly answer a few emails, get all my stuff ready and hit the road, making calls to my suppliers for today’s best produce and the million other things I need to do before I actually get to the office. The usual slice of toast or a sugar packed bowl of Just Right wasn’t cutting it anymore.

So I went on the hunt for a better breakfast choice for my time poor mornings. What a task! Up and Go? I gave it a ‘go’ but unfortunately it didn’t really get me up, it just made me go…. to the toilet!  Yuck! When I found the rare chance to get to the supermarket, I was faced with endless choices of boxes all claiming to be “good for you.” To be honest, I can’t be stuffed reading all the nutritional charts to try and work out which one is actually living up to its claims.

I was fighting a losing battle.

It’s amazing how the universe provides. Just as though they could hear my thoughts, I was approached by Yousli to see if I would be interested in designing a signature mix. Hallelujah! My prayers were answered.

I was really pumped about this project. I stared testing and sampling straight away and believe me, it wasn’t just a case of jotting down something that sounded good. I had the whole team working on it, getting me all the info on what each ingredient would bring and what packed the most punch! Then of course, there was the taste. I prepared about ten signature mixes and we all ate them for weeks on end, testing not just the way they tasted, but how full you were, how long it kept you going, how it made you feel and basically if we thought we would buy it over one of the commercially produced packets on the shelf.

We are all just working class consumers here at Maha, so if we couldn’t believe in the product, we were not going to stand behind it.
I wanted to produce something that was the best it could be, regardless of the price of production. It had to taste good, be good and make you feel great!

I think we achieved that with this signature mix, Shane Delia’s Shameless Delight.

I have been eating it every morning and I can’t wait to start developing my next Yousli mix!

– Shane Delia