Shane Delia works with Grand Prix to revamp food offering

This year’s Australian Grand Prix (March 14-17) has rethought and revamped its food offering, adding to its casual and high-end options, with the help of the event’s culinary advisor Shane Delia of Melbourne’s Maha and Biggie Smalls, and hospitality groups Atlantic Group, food&desire and GEMA Group.

Trackside, the M-Lane precinct will be home to entertainment and food trucks, including Mamasita, Biggie Smalls, smoked meats from Black Bear BBQ, and Royal Stacks burgers, among others.

Located next to the M-Lane, the Heineken Village offers more live music, and food from big-name chefs. Crown’s San Antone is popping up with sticky and smoked meats, and George Calombaris’ Jimmy Grants brings a Greek dining experience to the track, serving easy-to-eat items like souvlakis.

Moving up a gear, Parc Chalet presented by The Emerson is running a cocktail bar in a garden setting. At the top of the food chain, the Atlantic Group (behind The Atlantic, Mama Rumaan, Alumbra and Ms Collins) will cater the Renault Torque Bar, the most premium of the trackside food options.

Originally published by Food Service on 15 March 2019.