Starry Starry Night 2012

I have been fortunate enough to be asked to participate in many events over the years and I am always touched when someone sees value in what we do at Maha.

I have always had a strong alliance with my two nominated charities, OzChild and the Ilhan Foundation but when something special like this comes up I feel compelled to do what I can to assist and support.

When I was invited by The Alannah Madeline Foundation to design the menu for their Starry Starry Night event this year I was truly touched.

I have never been a poster-boy for any anti-bullying campaign by any means, I have experienced both sides of bullying and on many different levels. I have a deep understanding of what the ramifications are for both parties and because of this, I feel obliged to do what I can to assist with this very special cause.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I do think we all get a bit defensive and start “protecting” and “defending” our children too much. Wrapping them up in bubble wrap this not the answer, we have to let them experience life (both good and bad) and these experiences we have as children shape who we are when we are adults.

But living with bullying is something children need our help with. They need to understand how to deal with it and turn this adversity into a situation that makes them stronger, not fearful. And it is not just the kids on the receiving end that need help, it is just as important to approach and support the kids that are the aggressors. In many instances, the bullies are being pressured and bullied themselves and they are just caught in the middle. And these kids are really struggling too – it’s a really complex issue.

I hope my involvement in this year’s event is a positive one. We have prepared a beautiful menu, working with the amazing team at Crown Melbourne and I am certain with our joint effort it is going to be an outstanding night.

I can’t wait and I am very humbled to be invited to be a part of this very special charity event.

There are still some limited tables and tickets available for the Starry Starry Night gala ball. Buy a table and leave me a comment on my blog or on Facebook or Twitter and I will be sure to pop out of the kitchen and come and say hello to you and your table of guests.

– Shane Delia