Western Bulldogs Ambassador

Being a part of a family is the most important aspect of life.
Whether it’s your biological, spiritual or adopted family; the strength, security and love that belonging brings, is what we all strive for.

I have always felt a part of the Footscray / Western Bulldogs family, ever since my Dad painted our childhood room, floor to ceiling in red, white and blue. Cheering from the stands at the Whiten oval for our ‘boys’, drowning our sorrows in defeat and rejoicing with our bulldog brethren in victory. I feel strength and pride knowing I’m not alone and have a family around me who bleed red, white and blue as I do.

Over the past three years I have been working closely with our club. Getting to know the inner sanctum of our family, the players, coaching staff, management, our sales team and our club affiliates who all contribute to the success of our club.
I’ve learnt more about the true fabric of our great club over the past three years, than I have in my whole life time as a bulldogs supporter. There’s a reason why our song says “you can’t beat the boys of the bulldogs breed” – because we have a ‘never say die’ attitude.
We are strong, resilient and proud to walk with our heads held high. We are the leaders of our western region community. We stand for more than just a football club. We stand for a people who are the back bone of Australia. The working class who have paved the way for the lifestyle we enjoy today.

We are the team of the people. A team that is founded on hard work and family values. A team that I am proud to call my own.

I am very honored, proud and overwhelmingly humbled by being appointed the Western Bulldogs first official ambassador.
It means more than words can say, to both me and my family.
I will do all I can and give 100% to our club. I’ll go in for the hard ball to help our team reach our fullest potential and finally bring home our second and long over due Premiership Cup.

GO DOGS! We have a massive season ahead of us and our team have never looked stronger; mentally and physically.
We are a strong team. A family.

– Shane Delia