Friends & Fermented Cabbage.

It’s funny how food brings people together. I haven’t seen my mate Gerry for years. Last time I saw him he was selling coffee, before that he was a mate when I was just starting out as an apprentice and he was selling meat!

Funny how things change. So many years have gone by. We have both got older. Our lives have changed dramatically, but good people will always be good people. And good things will happen to them.

Gerry has found happiness with his new wife and she has helped him find what really makes him tick.

Korean BBQ!!!

Forget fads and what’s HOT. Gerry cooks this food because he loves it. He loves the culture and the family in which his beautiful wife comes from. He has embraced everything Korean and had found his inner voice.

You can taste it in the food he cooks and in the warmth of the genuine hospitality at Tobagi; his modest Korean BBQ restaurant in Moonee ponds.

I’m proud as hell of what Gerry has achieved. I have never seen him happier and I’m  wrapped that we have reconnected. Great bloke. Great cook.

People, get your butts there and support some real champions of the industry. They deserve all the support and success that the world has in store for them.

– Shane Delia